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PFC Counseling Services

To the High Net Worth Individual: Individual Counseling

PFC provides comprehensive financial planning to individuals with considerable financial resources. Our individual clients include professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners. PFC assists these clients in defining goals and in coordinating all aspects of their personal finances to achieve these goals.

To the Corporate Executive: Individual Counseling

Comprehensive personal financial planning is available to corporate executives. These services are traditionally paid for by the company and provided to the executive as a perquisite. Our highly trained staff has had extensive experience dealing with the financial affairs of the executives of many Fortune 500 companies. Our services enhance the corporate benefit package by making certain that an executive makes the best use of his benefit package.

Seminars for Corporate Groups

PFC provides a seminar program that is tailored to the needs of each participant group and offers the opportunity for special attention to problems of individuals participants. The seminar package also provides significant benefit to the sponsoring corporation. PFC analyzes the various forms of corporate compensation and reinforces the importance of employment related benefits. The seminars are provided to the executives by the employer as an executive perquisite.